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An Interview with Ivy Dupler! (Sabbatical)

I'm happy to say that Ivy Dupler, who voices Sabbatical, also agreed to answer some questions over email! Here are her answers!


What's something about Sabbatical you relate to and what's something that's the complete opposite to you?

I can definitely relate to how Sabbatical tries to come across as confident while secretly feeling a little insecure: but just like she does during the meeting, it's always important to push past it and find that confidence. As for how she's unlike me, she seems way more neat and organized than I am!

Did you have a model or images in mind when coming up with the voice for Sabbatical? What was your approach or thought process when auditioning for Sabbatical?

She seemed like the kind of character who knows that when you speak quietly and clearly — instead of shouting over a crowd — people will have to stop talking and listen closely. Her voice would never be the loudest in a room when trying to get people to listen, but her quiet confidence would command just the same amount of attention. I wanted her tone of voice to sound almost childlike, like a voice you wouldn't take seriously at first, until you actually listened to what it was saying. I was also slightly inspired by a character I've voiced in the past, Viv Vision in Marvel Avengers Academy, who is similarly young and smart and speaks with conviction.

What are the types of characters you enjoy playing the most?

Evil characters are always a blast, but more specifically, I love snarky/smug characters, no matter if they're good guys or bad guys!

What are you watching right now?

Doctor Who! I've finally caught up on the newer seasons, so now I'm enjoying Series 13 as it airs.

Any general thoughts on the experience recording Catalyst Wake that you'd like to share?

I had a great time working with Anjali Kunapaneni! They were a great director with a clear vision, and I loved how creative I was encouraged to get during the session, especially for the background extras I also got to voice. I can't wait to hear how it all sounds in the game.

Any upcoming projects you'd like to shout out?

I've been streaming a few times a week over on Twitch! I play games that I've done voices in, but also do cooking streams, Tarot card readings, stream other games, and a lot more. And I'll definitely be streaming my first playthrough of Catalyst Wake once it's out! :)


Thanks so much to Ivy for answering my questions! I'm in 100% agreement with her analysis of Sabbatical's character. I really enjoyed our session and was very impressed with the number of different voices she pulled out of her hat for the various crowd voices as well.

Follow Ivy on Twitter and twitch, and be sure to visit her website at!

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