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An Interview with Edwyn Tiong! (Oxlo)

Edwyn Tiong kindly agreed to this interview — here are his answers!


What's something about Oxlo you relate to and what's something that's the complete opposite to you?

Oxlo being the ultimate cool guy with no chill who curb-stomps everyone he comes across is something I heavily relate to but also: I realize I am definitely in no way shape or form able to do those things, ha! Ahh, wish fulfillment!

Did you have a model or images in mind when coming up with the voice for Oxlo?

There's a little bit of Agent Smith from The Matrix series in there? Mostly though, I just hope that my voice matches the actual in-game version of Oxlo and people are convinced that my voice is coming out of the character.

Were there any challenges you faced when voicing Oxlo?

how can i be as impossibly cool and mysterious as oxlo o:

What are the types of characters you enjoy playing the most?

I'm happy playing all-sorts! But a cool guy who has a hidden dorky side, or someone who's a stickler for the rules but is absolutely NOT in control of the situation at ALL are super fun to play!

What are some vocal performances that you really enjoy, of your own or otherwise?

Most recently, I loved Richard Horvitz reprising his role of Raz in Psychonauts 2 after such a long hiatus on that franchise! He brings a wonderful combination of innocence and low-key snark with the character, and delivers some excellent sparkling humor AND emotional gut-punches with incredible mastery! Oh on top of that: My online namesake "Omahdon" is also from the animated movie Flight of Dragons - Ommadon the evil red wizard from the movie was played by James Earl Jones, and I loved his performance as a kid! He had some great speeches in that movie - and even now, I find it fun to do his evil laugh!

What vocal warm-up do you most enjoy?

I don't do them often enough, but reading aloud the opening passages from the Call of Cthlhu with a cork stuck between my front teeth is a great way to get some of the kinks out!

What are you watching right now?

The Owl House (well, waiting while it's on hiatus), just finished Arcane, and need to get started on the latest season of Cobra Kai! But I'll prolly be rewatching Encanto again for the funsies.

Any general thoughts on the experience recording Catalyst Wake that you'd like to share?

It was a fun and easy project to do! Wish all my experiences with recording for projects were so good hahaha!

Any upcoming projects you'd like to shout out?

Watch out for Freedom Planet 2 coming 2022! On top of voicing The Magister for this game, I was also one of the lead writers! Also, look out for Chinatown Detective Agency, which features both Su Ling Chan and myself as character voices!


Thanks so much to Edwyn for answering my questions! I practically fell out of my chair when I realized I'd cast the legendary Detective Grimoire in my game. He was able to bring a subtle humor to the characters that I think made them much more appealing. Chinatown Detective Agency looks really cool, and I will definitely check it out when it's released!

Follow Edwyn on Twitter, and be sure to visit his website at!

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