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November 17th Progress Report!

This is what I worked on today... redoing the Broken Minds trailer.

I felt that the other trailer fell into the same trap my initial Gameplay trailer did... a bunch of loud, "exciting" music ques, but a failure to capture the tone of Broken Minds.

When it's not being snarky, weird or psychological, Broken Minds has a lonely quality to it. That's what I wanted to convey in this new trailer.

Aside from that, I also fixed a very bad bug, so if you bought the full game, make sure to download the update.

Catalyst Wake news: Haven't done much yet except draw a new sprite that I'm not too happy with and still needs polishing. It's taking a while to get back into the "groove" of working on it.

Pageturner 3 news: I've been writing the game (which, for once, I'm doing first as I try "vertical development"). It's going a bit slowly. In other news, I've designed most of the very large cast of characters, although they still need their finalized "designs". And don't worry, I'll fix Arctica's legs. I know they look weird. Thing is, I drew them without a guide because I didn't draw below her torso in the initial sketch that I was basing the final Flash version on. But it's an easy-enough fix.

Broken Minds sequel news: It's extremely early for this, I know, but I've been doing some testing for Broken Minds's sequel. I hope to share more details early next year.

Next Games Update I'll be discussing behind the scenes of Broken Minds, and hopefully revealing some of those new Pageturner 3 characters!

Stay tuned.

— LockedOn.

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