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Games Update 8.4 Released!

A new Games Update is out, at last! Click the image to read it!

In it, I announce my final Scratch Project — Pageturner 3: The Final Nail.

The Final Nail's page is live on my website now.

Also, I should mention that Broken Minds's free demo version is out now, for anyone interested.

So, what's left to do for it?

Launching it on Steam (which I will do perhaps a month from now. I want to see what will happen to it on itch first. Who knows, it might be completely unplayable for some people, so I want to be able to address those issues.)

Also — making some Broken Minds merch! Yup, I'm going back to my LockedOn Apparel store and adding some new T-Shirt designs I've come up with. You know you're cool when you've got merch from a game that almost nobody knows about.

Anyway, I'd better get some rest before I need to start working in earnest on Pageturner 3 & Catalyst Wake!

Enjoy the update. :)

— LockedOn, 2017.

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