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Intensive Starting in August

If you followed my old blog, you know that sometimes I take a break from the internet for a month in order to focus solely on projects — it's what I call an "Intensive". I've held January and October Intensives in the past, this time I will be pulling the plug in August.

The reason is that I've been slacking off ever since my vacation, and I need something to help put my nose to grindstone, so to speak, (though it is not that unpleasant, so maybe that's a poor metaphor to use there). July has been okay production-wise, but only recently.

One big reason for doing this is Pageturner's comic. I'd really like to get it all worked out and ready to go by the end of August, and going offline will help me accomplish that. Right now I'm still struggling to put the story together, but when it all fits, I will begin production immediately.

The truth is that I had a script all ready to go, but it wasn't working for me. It didn't have a good tone, it seemed kind of irrelevant for the series, and there was barely any growth for the characters.

That's why I'm overhauling it and going back to what Pageturner's always been about.

As for Broken Minds, it's going rather well. I'm almost finished with the current "section" of the game. It's a much longer experience now and, I think, a better one, than the shorter version that I almost completed.

In other news, I've started laying the groundwork for the second story in TEWCW, hopefully I'll be able to flesh it out more in the upcoming Intensive.

I promised my next Games Update would be about Pageturner: Something Other, so I'm going to have to delay it until September when the Intensive is over, because otherwise I'd just be saying "It doesn't have a plot" and introducing characters that I'm not even sure will make the final cut.

That's all for this time.

-- LockedOn.

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