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Pageturner 3 - Week Six

The sixth week of Pageturner 3's development is over.

Here's what I did:

- Implemented Scene 6

- Implemented Freetime 3

- Implemented an insert scene

- Implemented a cutscene

- Composed a music track

- Made a background

Okay, I managed to actually meet my Sunday deadline this time, so I'm back on track! It's weird how one week you can be so unmotivated, and the next, you can actually get everything done in time.

This game should be easier to make than Methods was, because the scenes are shorter and there's usually less to do each week. But for some reason, it can still be hard to motivate myself. I guess it's a problem that comes with making anything! That being said, I don't quite have the same level of stress working on this.

On Methods, there was always a ton to write each week, but even writing is not as intimidating as coding. Scratch's blocks often start lagging when you make too long a chain too, which makes it kind of a clunky process.

On the other hand, I remember working very, very late into the night on Methods, week after week — which hasn't really happened with this except once.

As I said last week, this coming week is going to be a lot trickier. That's because it's another investigation section, which has very long conversations that need to be split into sections so that the Mystery Node minigame can be inserted later, as I create Scenes 7 & 8. Week Eight is also going to be one of these sections.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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