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Pageturner 3 - Week Seven

The seventh week of Pageturner 3's development is over.

Here's what I did:

- Implemented Scenes 7 & 8

- Implemented a minigame

- Implemented a cutscene

- Made a background

Well, there was a lot of text to copy and paste, like usual. The game now has 520 lines of dialogue, which means 520 separate costumes for each line (there's really no good way around it).

It's getting very slow to work with, which isn't fun. I usually put on some music or something and just try to zone out while copying and pasting it.

It's nice to finally implement this minigame — I made it a long time ago so I didn't have to actually create it this time. But next week has a minigame that I'll need to make from scratch — plus a new character sprite, and fairly lengthy scenes to write.

This game is easily the longest project I've made on Scratch, so I hope it makes up for the wait.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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