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Pageturner 3 - Week Eight

The eighth week of Pageturner 3's development is over.

Here's what I did:

- Implemented Scene 9

- Started work on Scene 10 (added all the dialogue)

- Implemented two cutscenes

- Made a character sprite

I knew this week would be tricky! It would have been doable, but I've been especially busy recently. And it looks like this weekend will also be very busy. So I'm splitting up Scene 10's development into Week Nine.

Scene 10 has a lot of stuff to implement — it's one of the longest sections and has a somewhat involved investigation section. I'm going to try to implement that in the next few days on top of all the other stuff I'm doing.

What really screwed me up is that I rendered out a ton of backgrounds — before realizing I hadn't set the render settings correctly. That meant I had to re-render all of them, so there wasn't time to implement them today.

But the good news is that the writing is going well for once. The changes I made to the story are adding some much-needed conflict.

Once I'm past this section, it will mostly be pretty easy to implement the scenes, as it's the last major investigation section.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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