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Pageturner 3 - Update 14

Well, as much as I liked calling these posts "Weeks" — it was just too confusing. So now they're called "Updates". Fortunately, there won't be too many more updates before the game is done!

It's about two weeks into October. The first week I worked on my other project. Last time, I said I'd be swapping back and forth between that project and Pageturner 3. But I've decided to keep working on Pageturner 3 instead, because I'm so close to finally finishing it.

This past week, I figured out what I'm going to do for the interrogation game. It was very hard to proceed without a clear goal in mind. But that's not all I did — I knew the interrogation game would need all 12 suspects from a front-facing angle, so I redrew them, which was pretty exhausting.

My goal for this week is to write the interrogation game dialogue and finish this mini-game. I was hoping to come up with a clever way to structure the interrogation game so that I wouldn't need dialogue at all — but it's better this way, because now all the suspects will be a little more fleshed out, not just names on a list.

One thing I noticed looking back on all these Pageturner 3 posts is how I shifted from being happy with my productivity, to being hard on myself, from feeling like "It's done when it's done" to "I didn't make my goals for this week! Darn!"

Looking back on it, I was productive even when I felt like I wasn't productive. It's hard to see the big picture in the moment.

In my "least productive" months I was working on two other projects at the same time. I've also been taking on many commissions, as well as spending waaay too much time on Twitter. Factoring all that in, it's kind of astonishing that I might actually meet the schedule I put out back in April before all this other stuff happened.

I don't plan on changing that schedule either — but more on that next month! For now, I'm committed to simply finishing this game.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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