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Methods for Mobile Announcement

17 months ago, I announced a mobile version of Methods as part of the Methods Two Year Anniversary. Unfortunately, due to limitations with Ren'Py, I was unable to get it working on iOS and Android, and so I had to put the project aside.

But now I am very happy to announce that Erabit's hardworking porting team have been fixing those issues in order to bring Methods to you on mobile devices!

My eternal gratitude goes to them for completing such intense work in such a short time, and grappling with my less-than-organized code to do so! It feels like a miracle has occurred, and I can't thank them enough.

Methods: The Detective Competition is expected to be available for mobile Pre-registration later this month and mainland China in November!

It's going to be split into 5 separate games, launched on App Store, Google Play and

To celebrate this big news, some games are heavily discounted during the week of October 23rd-30th!!

💫 60% off 💫

🕵️ Methods: The Detective Competition

🎷 Methods: The Detective Competition Soundtrack

🌍 The Evolving World: Catalyst Wake

💫 80% off 💫

🔫 Broken Minds

🎶 Broken Minds - OST

💫 40% off 💫

🇨🇦 Methods: The Canada Files Soundtrack

Thank you to everyone for your support, and I hope you will try it on mobile! It's like a whole new experience!

Until next time!!

— LockedOn & Erabit

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