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Pageturner 3 - Week Two

The second week of Pageturner 3's development is over. Here's what I did: - Implemented Scenes 2 & 3 - Implemented 2 backgrounds - Implemented one cutscene - Implemented 3 mini-games - Mystery node mini-game is 20% complete Because it's a massive amount of work to create the mystery node mini-games (which I'm recreating from scratch instead of using my old design from Pageturner 2), I've decided it's okay if I don't fully implement them yet, since it's fairly easy to implement once it's fully created (which is actually how I did it in Pageturner 2 as well) I will continue working on it every week, creating the various features required, until it's done, but I'm not rushing it because it's super important to get right. Scene 3 turned out to be super long, and I will have to continue adjusting it going into next week. I didn't realize there were so many mini-games. The number of lines of dialogue in the game is now over 300, and each one needed to be copy and pasted in, so that took some time. The backgrounds for Scene 3 are not yet final and I'll have to work on those this coming week. The good news is — I'm deliberately making the workload for Week Three pretty light. Just one very short scene and a Freetime section (the Freetime sections are super easy to implement, now that most of the initial coding work is done). That will give me enough time to finish some things I need to get around to, such as: - Adding hints - Redoing/making sprites - Implementing bios - Adding features to the pause menu Hopefully I'll have time to do all of those things, but if not, no sweat — my goal is to have them completed at the end of the month, not on a weekly basis. So far it seems like even though I'm not releasing a version of the game every week, and just writing these update posts, that's enough to make me stick to my schedule. That's super encouraging, because my upcoming slate of projects are not weekly-release compatible, so if this method works, I'll be using it for all of them going forward. Until next time, — LockedOn.

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