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Happy 2020 + News

Happy 2020! — A little late, but I did have a more formal announcement on the Methods page.

I figured I was long overdue for an update after almost a full year. Mostly this post is about how there are some announcements coming!

In case you don't know, my ambitious project, Methods, is nearing completion and will be completely done by the end of April. I've learned a lot making it, and I'll be sharing what I learned in an upcoming post, where I'll also go into more detail about what the rest of 2020 is going to look like, and how I'll be readjusting how I work in order to deliver the same kinds of ambitious results that I've gotten with Methods with other projects like Pageturner 3 and Catalyst Wake.

My big New Year's resolution is to increase output without sacrificing too much quality. Instead of just releasing Methods and nothing else for the rest of the year, I'm hoping to release more in the later half of the year as well — and I have a plan to do it.

Stay tuned!

— LockedOn.

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