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Generation Quest 2.0 Released

Click the image above to play the game!

Yes! It's finally here!

After a year and a half of procrastinating, and bug testing, and coding failures, and animating, and composing... It's finally "done".

I put done in quotes because I've learned that everything I release inevitably attracts a slew of complaints about things not completely working. But it's as done as I could get it, and at this point I just wanted it out there.

I also updated Generation Quest's soundtrack on Bandcamp, which is now infinitely better and all original music that I composed about a year ago. That's what happens when a game gets delayed this long! Luckily, it hasn't aged yet.

I also spent a little bit of time implementing an extremely short side mission. I don't think I'll have the motivation to do any other ones, but it's kind of neat.

Everything in this release is better. Once you've played it, you won't even remember version 1.8!

Anyway, maybe I'll release a trailer for this and Something Other. I really must get back to work on Broken Minds, though.

-- LockedOn, 2016.

#GenerationQuest #complete

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