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Methods: Dating Sim Mode

I'm very excited to finally announce something that's been in the works for a really long time — as far back as 2014, back when Methods first started. You may not believe this, but Methods was actually originally conceived as a dating simulator.

However, without a solid foundation for a story, it just wasn't that interesting, so I started adding more mystery elements. Soon, every character was turned into a detective of some kind, and instead of a matchmaking competition, it became a detective competition.

I've decided to add a new game mode that takes Methods back to its dating sim routes. Introducing... Dating Sim mode.

Dating Sim mode adds over 430K words to Methods. It's the largest update to a game I've ever made. Why so much dialogue, you ask? Because in Dating Sim mode, you're actually able to pair up any two characters. And when I say any, I mean ANY.

This means that yes, there are 6724 combinations for you to explore! Will you ever stop playing Dating Sim mode? Probably never. It's taken me a really long time to write all of this. I've been working on it nonstop in every spare moment I have. I write it instead of eating. I write it instead of sleeping. All to deliver on the promise of being able to pair up any two characters! But don't worry, I made it into a special "challenge" for myself — the fasting/no-sleep writing challenge! If Gandhi can do it, so can I, right?? (Gandhi was not able to complete a dating sim during his fast, which is unfortunate).

In Dating Sim mode, you manipulate people to fall in love with you by buying them things. Just like real life! A new menu, the "Gift Shop", lets you purchase gifts with "Love Points". You get Love Points simply by finding routes.

But watch out! In a unique twist on dating sim mechanics, the character you're trying to pursue can ALSO gift you things — and depending on your reaction, it could ruin the entire dynamic and you'll have to start over!

Many more surprises lie in wait in this mode — like I said, it took FOREVER to write, so I hope you'll try it when it launches on April 31st.

Until next time!!

— LockedOn.

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