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Catalyst Wake - Update 28

I'm posting this at night because, as you may have guessed, I was making CGs all day and didn't want to kill my momentum. But yes, I am still not finished with this scene!

Right now I'm busy rendering out the backgrounds, which is a delicate operation so I can't set up more shots, but I strategically hit that render button right after prepping a batch of around 34 CGs. Since my computer can handle running Cheetah3D and Animate at the same time, I'm able to finish those CGs while it renders out the backgrounds.

I'm less worn out than I was last week, surprisingly. I guess my brain has readjusted to this. For a while I was worried because I was really struggling to meet the daily goal. But I get something done every single day, and bit by bit, I've climbed back on top of it.

In any case, after I finish this scene I'll be shifting back to backgrounds to give myself a breather, but then the CG journey will resume once more.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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