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Catalyst Wake - Update 17

Hello again! This week, I spent the first few days implementing the remaining voices in Mist and adjusting audio levels, making sure everything is polished for the demo.

I also remade the chapters menu to reflect the omission of the prequels — I think it looks really cool. Finally, I started work on the recap.

Because it contains no spoilers, I was able to capture some footage of the behind the scenes process while creating some of the CGs:

Maybe it's a little clearer now what exactly I'm doing each week when I say I'm "making CGs" — I always feel like I'm not explaining it very well. Though setting up the 3D scenes usually doesn't take long, that changes with the number of characters and how many poses the characters need to have.

If a character is just talking, their movements are subtler and are less work. But action scenes require lots of extreme poses and dynamic angles, so those are much more tricky.

As we head into June, I hope to complete the recap and finish up the revisions to the menus so that the demo will finally be ready for launch on the LockedOn 10th anniversary.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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