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Catalyst Wake - Update 07

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

There's something a bit different about this week's update. I have a very exciting announcement!

Catalyst Wake's "sequel" stories are going to be fully voice-acted!

This is obviously a huge step up in production quality for me, and it wouldn't have been financially feasible without the success of Methods. Thank you to everyone who purchased that game and helped make this happen!

We just wrapped up casting, which was led by Anjali Kunapaneni. I can't thank them enough for doing such a magnificent job handling the audition process. Because of their hard work sorting through over three hundred auditions, we've assembled a truly fantastic cast that I'm thrilled and humbled to get to work with.

Check out their website and Twitter here!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Some very difficult decisions had to be made — everyone brought something great to the table. Even if they didn't make the cut, I hope to get the chance to work with them on future projects!

Anjali will also be the voice director on this project. I think having an experienced voice director is essential in helping to bring out the best performances possible, and I'm so glad to have them on board for that as well.

I'm really looking forward to seeing people's reactions to the voice acting — especially people who are familiar with the old animations back when I voiced every character. With this cast, I was aiming for a lot of variety in the types of voices and accents and I'm incredibly pleased to say I was able to meet that goal!

I will announce the cast as soon as we wrap up recording, so stay tuned for that some time next month!


Here's what else I got done this week:

- Finished up the CGs for the big scene

- Composed two music tracks

- Finished post-processing on the CGs

- Finalized the script

Unfortunately I didn't have time to implement all the CGs. But that's totally fine, as it's a fairly quick process and finalizing the script was a higher priority anyway. Right now I estimate that "MIST" is 90% complete. This week I'll be finishing the final few scenes, and then it will be down to the music, sound effects, and some additional polish. I should be able to complete it by the end of March — and then it will be onto the next sequel story.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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