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New Broken Minds Light Novel — Broken Spiral!

There's a new light novel in town — Broken Spiral! A free addition for anyone who's purchased the game! Here's the summary: Kuroyo Kage is a member of the police, who secretly works for the YPDA. When Reiwa Kyougi stupidly instigates a police investigation into Uzumaki's death, things get ugly, and Kuroyo is forced to take drastic steps to protect them. Along the way, new details emerge about the YPDA, Uzumaki, and Noa as the narrative jumps in time between 1992 and 1993. With Broken Spiral, I wanted to tell a story that would dive more deeply into the themes of morality in Broken Minds. Unlike Broken Egg, which offered vague hints about a few things, Broken Spiral gets right into the meat of it: this is the most in-depth look at the YPDA yet, and offers some answers that you may have been looking for in Broken Minds.

I've released Broken Spiral on, GameJolt, and on Steam in the form of DLC! Why today? Because it's the one year anniversary of Broken Minds! One year ago, I finished the final build of the game. Of course, since then there's been bug fixes and a much-needed update. But it was finished "in spirit". And speaking of spirits (hey, check out that smooth segue), I'm planning a post soon that will announce the sequel to Broken Minds, Broken Spirits, across all platforms.

In other, sadder news, I could not complete my Halloween project in time. However, working furiously towards the deadline HAS meant that it's come along pretty far... about 50-60% complete. I'll keep working on it this week and hopefully it will be released before the end of the month.

Happy Halloween! — LockedOn.

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