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Broken Minds Now on Steam!

I'm sorry it took so long — but its finally here! And with a 10% discount! (Which, by the way, I'll be echoing for and GameJolt shortly).

Pretty exciting! I wonder how quickly the game will be lost in the swamp of the millions of other games. Probably pretty fast. But I really shouldn't focus on that right now, and enjoy the small window that releasing to a huge platform like Steam provides.

So — what's next?

Well, I'm not going to release a Games Update this month, but I will next month for sure. I have a few ideas for what updates to Broken Minds would look like (Steam requires you to update the game for it be on the front page again, and something like "fixing a typo" or "fixing a glitch", while technically an update, isn't very exciting or front-page worthy in my opinion).

For the most part, though, I'm focusing on my future projects right now. I wrote a bit of Pageturner 3 the other day, and also a bit of the script for my Original Animated Project. And yes, I'm even working on the Broken Minds Sequel.

It's slow going, but I hope I can release SOMETHING this year that isn't Broken Egg.

— LockedOn

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