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Pageturner: Something Other is Complete

Hooray! Twelve days past the deadline, Pageturner: Something Other is finally done! I'm currently getting the behind-the-scenes pages finished for the printed version. It hasn't been an easy or particularly fun road, but I'm finally at the end, and honestly, it didn't turn out that bad.

I'm forewarning you, though: there ARE some heavily expositional scenes in this comic. Mostly because it's so hard to fit a complicated story like this into 17 pages.

What? It's only 17 pages, you say? Well, no. There are actually TWO stories in Something Other. One is May's, and one is Benedict's. That raises the actual page count to 34, the longest comic I've released yet. That, plus 22 pages of additional bonus material in the printed version, and it comes to 60 interior pages! That's pretty exciting, for a comic made in around a month and one and a half weeks.

Tomorrow I will release all of the pages online, even though they're done today, because I want to be sure I haven't missed anything. But those "Smackjeeves" links will be up as soon as I can get them up on the 13th.

Unfortunately, I can't take a break quite yet, because I need to finish the new update as well. The good news is that it's actually mostly done article-wise. I have two articles done, with no idea what to write about for the third. It'll come to me.

I'm not sure when the printed version of the comic will be available, but tomorrow I'll work on getting it ordered. Last time it took way too long to get it up on IndyPlanet, but it's not like anyone buys them so, no big deal.

Anyway, keep an eye out for these new releases!!

-- LockedOn.

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