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Pageturner 2 Update!

So there's one little problem with trying to get Pageturner 2 a proper, full release as the game I always wanted it to be. For some inane reason Scratch's offline editor also has a megabyte limit of 50mbs. Now why there's a limit when you're hosting the files on your own server is beyond me. This wasn't true for the old version of Scratch, as flawed as it was.

Until this problem is rectified, there will not be a Master Sleuth version of the game. The good news is that there doesn't really have to be. I recently implemented a much more optimized version of the dialogue box and cut the project down by five megabytes, which will leave just enough headroom for me to finish the project with reasonable gloss and polish.

The bad news is that, due to filesize cuts, the music tracks will be shorter, and therefore loop more and drive more people crazy. It can't really be avoided.

So yes, even though the final game will be slightly less awesome, at least everyone will be playing the same thing and nobody will feel left out.

-- LockedOn.

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